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About Vinicio Adames

A skilled composer and producer of contemporary, orchestral and electronic music for Film, Art, Dance and TV.

One of the most influential exponents of the electronic music movement in South America for more than 20 years.

Adames has produced his concerts combining music, video, design, digital imaging and cinematographic illusions all created by himself.


Has been rewarded with numerous awards  for short and feature films in Venezuela and for the   advertisement industry. 

Music producer for 30 short and featured films, more than 300 advertisement pieces for corporate clients such as: American Express, MasterCard, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, GM, Ford, Movilnet, Banco de Venezuela among others and several TV programs and documentaries.

In the art field his music has been exhibited in museums and galleries for installations, expositions and video-art.

In 2022 the renowned danish music label Music for Dreams signed Vinicio Adames for his latest album GUARAL were he continues exploring and experimenting with the venezuelan music elements and electronic, ambient and orchestra. The first single was chosen for the legendary Ibiza's Cafe Del Mar to be played during their sunset sessions.

The album ENCUENTRO with Pemon Indians chants would be released in Berlin by True Class Records in 2023.


FIAP award 2016: Winning advertising Music Composer for TV commercial. Read more...

ANDA award 2007: Best music for a TV commercial.

ANDA award 2005: Best music for a TV commercial.

ANDA award 2000: Best music for a TV commercial.
Bogota Film Festival 1990: Best music for Film (Bogota, Colombia).

Caracas Film Festival 1990, 1997: Best music for Film (Caracas, Venezuela).
ANAC award 1991, 1992, 1994, 1997: Best soundtrack.

CNAC award 1998: Achievement award.
Fundación Latina award 1997: Best soundtrack featured film.
CINESA award 1993: Best music short film.


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